Envoy II Regulator

Envoy II Regulator


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Part Number:350-3320 Manufacturer: Zeagle Model: ENVOY II REGULATOR Color: BLACK, Yellow

Envoy II 1st Stage DIN with  Yellow Envoy 2nd Stage 


Tremendous value. Uncompromising performance

The Envoy II is an incredible value, meeting or exceeding the performance of regulators that cost much more. 

Envoy II is an economical regulator that doesn’t compromise on performance or reliability. Its lightweight first stage, with balanced diaphragm, is available in DIN or Yoke, and its 2nd stage has a downstream valve and Dive/Pre-dive Venturi control (with 30? hose length).

Light and comfortable, the Envoy II Second Stage is compact enough to use as a backup but robust enough to rely on as your primary go-to regulator. 

This is our preferred “budget regulator”.  


Please note, this is a a yellow second stage, the black is not included.  

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