Z2 Regulator Yoke Gray

Z2 Regulator Yoke Gray


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Part Number:03-0050-3P Manufacturer: Atomic Model: Z2 Yoke, Gray Color: Black , Chrome

Z2 Regulator Yoke Gray


The combination of performance, ergonomics, features and materials found in the Z2 adds up to our most cost efficient regulator option, without compromising performance or durability. The chrome plated brass first stage comes with a fixed 7 port cap and 2 high pressure ports. The second stage houses corrosion resistant zirconium coated brass and titanium components. Environmental sealing is optional for this system and it comes standard in gray or blue.



The Venturi effect inside a second stage makes it breathe easy, and the Atomic AFC eliminates the manual adjustment normally needed to regulate Venturi effect as you dive deeper. No dials to turn or buttons to push. A Rapid Adjustment Knob is included for special situations like surf entry or octo use. (US Patent No. 5,678,541)



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