Fully equipped factory-authorized repair facility for Atomic, Hollis, Zeagle, Oceanic, Ocean Management Systems (OMS), Sherwood, Tusa, Dive Rite, Hog, Edge, Interspiro Divator (AGA full face mask), Posiedon, XS Scuba, and Ocean Technology Systems (OTS), and other brands where trained technicians perform equipment maintenance, repair, and assembly. All of our scuba equipment technicians are also certified scuba diving instructors with years of field experience. 


We use an A.I.R. (Atmospheric Inhalation Resistance) Flow Analyzer to test diving regulators under both static and dynamic conditions.  This will let us to accurately tune your regulator to meet both the manufacturers specifications and your needs.


We also use the Quick Set fixture machine to quickly and efficiently "break in" new poppets and HP seats.  Most dive shops don't have this higher-end testing equipment for their customers. 






  • Regulators = $25 plus parts per stage
  • BCD Annual Inspection = $20
  • Visual Inspection = $20
  • Hydrostatic Test with air fill= $50

Call us if we did not list your equipment or if you have any questions at 704-823-0501.


Normal repairs are under 2 weeks. We stock a complete line of replacement parts for quick returns.