Venom Mask ARC Black

Venom Mask ARC Black


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Part Number:04-0250-00 Manufacturer: Atomic Color: BLACK, GRAY

Venom Mask ARC 

This is our premium mask that most of our instructors use. It has an antireflective coating that allows for much clearer vision. It also just looks great!

Combining hydrodynamic design with top-shelf lense technology, the Atomic Aquatics Venom Arc mask provides superlative vision under the water’s surface.

UltraClear Schott Superwite™ glass lenses offer wide-angle peripheral clarity while the double-layer silicone skirt holds the mask firmly in place. Building on the original Venom, the Arc includes an anti-reflective coating that’s applied to both sides of the UltraClear lenses, reducing glare and allowing more light to reach your retina.

An innovative squeeze-to-adjust strap allows for rapid fixes in the water. And if it ever breaks, no worries—the Arc’s frame is covered by a lifetime warranty.

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