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Part Number:12501 Manufacturer: Shearwater


The world’s first near eye remote display for scuba divers has been redesigned for enhanced flexibility and reliability. In addition to the DiveCAN and Fischer versions, OC divers can now experience the freedom the NERD 2 has to offer. The universal regulator mount allows divers to secure the NERD 2 within their line of sight and dive with the security of knowing their crucial dive information with a glance of the eye. From the combination of the Micro LCD display and the magnifying lens, the data on the NERD 2 appears as if you were looking at a 25 inch TV 12 feet away.

     Decompression Computer                                                           Included

Open Circuit                                                                                    Included

Trimix / Nitrox / Air Compatible                                                   Included

Bühlmann Gradient Factors                                                          Included

Rebreather                                                                                       Included

Closed Circuit Fixed PPO2                                                            Included

Closed Circuit External PPO2                                                       Included

Semi-Closed Circuit External PPO2                                             Included

Gauge Mode                                                                                    Included

3 axis, tilt compensated digital compass                                  Included

Bluetooth® wireless technology                                                 Included

Upgradeable Firmware                                                                  Included

Air Integration                                                                                 Included

Number of Transmitters                                                                 Up to 4


  • OC Rec     3 gas nitrox recreational computer
  • OC Tec     Multi gas, trimix decompression computer
  • CC INT      Closed circuit fixed PPO2
  • Gauge       Bottom timer with stop watch and dive logging



Screen Resolution                      320x240

Display Type                                QVGA

Battery Type                                Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery

Battery Life                                  18 Hours (Medium Brightness)

Battery Replacement                5 Years (or 500 charge cycles)

Number of Gases                       5 OC / 5 CC

Rebreather Connectivity          n/a                                                        Fischer 103, 7-pin

Dive Log                                        1,000 Hours

Depth Rating                                300m (985ft)          


(WxDxH)                                           33mm x 85.81mm x 44mm

Weight                                              74g                                                            148g

Ballistic Nylon Case                       Included

(WxDxH)                                           240mm x 240mm x 60mm

Weight                                              313g

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